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From Pencils to Pixels: Documentary

What makes a pencil line become a character?

The year is 2003, Disney were about to release Pixar’s ‘Finding Nemo’, and broadcaster Alan Yentob sets his task of celebrating the phenomena of the animated feature film on his arts show ‘Imagine’, and attempts to evaluate the argument set by Pixar’s “Toy Story”, of whether there was a future for traditional animated techniques in the age of computer and digital imaging.

(C) BBC 2003
Original Airdate: 10th December 2003

Animation Examples

Cell-Animation (Classical 2D Animation)

Digital 2D Animation

An animation by GC Media student Brad Stirling. Basil & Bark was created using Adobe Flash.

An animation by GC Media student Freya Joliffe. Glitch in the Afterlife was created using Anime Studio.

An animated film by GC Media graduate Steph Comfort. If money Could Talk was animated using After Efects and Papagayo was used to animate the lip-syncing.

Stop-Motion Animation

Stop-Motion: Clay-mation

Stop-Motion: Brick-Mation

A Year 9 student’s animation. Still photos were imported into Premiere Elements for final video editing

Stop-Motion version of a scene from The Lego Movie

Original Version

Stop-Motion: Cut-Out Animation

Digital 3D Animation